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Welcome to the UKSSDC

The UK Same Sex Dance Council (UKSSDC) represents the interests of UK same-sex dancers, trainers, adjudicators and competition organisers both in the UK and internationally. The Council works in collaboration with other international organisations to bring UK opinions and concerns to the table in a unified way. Further, the UKSSDC seeks to bring visibility and prominence to UK competitors, adjudicators and organisers on the international same-sex dance scene.

The Council’s current objectives include:
• Encouragement of new competitors of all standards from beginners to advanced to participate in same-sex competitions.
• Providing outreach to other regions/cities across the UK and competitions
• Providing information to competitors.

The UKSSDC was founded in May 2006 as a consultative and representative organisation for same-sex competitive dancing in the UK. The UKSSDC is primarily concerned with competitive same-sex dancing and does not take a direct interest in the UK’s well developed same-sex social dancing scene.
The first general meeting and election of the Committee was held on 18th February 2007 in London. The current Committee was elected in 2012 for a two term year. The next AGM will take place in 2014


Together we have the strength to form consensus and influence international debates on the organisation, rules and advancement of same-sex competition. The UKSSDC needs your support – you are the real body of British same-sex dancing and your opinions matter. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a member of the UKSSDC.

(See Contact Us page for more details and application)

Some of the UK Dance Team at the Gay Games Opening Ceremony,

Cologne, 2010.


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